Our Early Years Policy 2023

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Vision and Aims

At Ferndale Primary School we aim to:

  • Ensure that every student has a happy and positive start to their academic career so that they can build a strong foundation for a love of learning and progress socially, physically, cognitively, and emotionally.
  • Ensure that all children receive the teaching, encouragement, and opportunities they need to reach the Early Learning Goals outlined in the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum.
  • Give children the knowledge and skills they need to meet the "expected" level of development in each of the seven areas covered by the 2021 EYFS curriculum and attain a Good Level of Development.
  • Promote the growth of independence in a comfortable and secure environment.
  • Support children in forming relationships by helping them acquire social skills like sharing and cooperation.
  • Develop a love of learning and create lasting memories by providing real purposes for learning and supporting children to develop essential life skills. 
  • Provide real life, hands-on experiences and encourage children to take safe risks to develop their knowledge and understanding.
  • Provide language enriched learning enabling children to understand and share their knowledge confidently.
  • Celebrate the various characteristics that make each person unique and encourage mutual respect.
  • Identify the learning needs of all children and make adaptations to support them appropriately
  • Collaborate with parents to address each child different needs to help them realise their greatest potential and ensure that home and school work effectively together.
  • Promote good at behaviour in all environments and situations.
  • Encourage children to feel motivated, confident and in control of their learning.

Supporting documents:

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