Friday 18th February School Closure 

Due to the school being closed today because of the extreme and dangerous weather conditions, if you would like your child to complete home learning please use the following: 

  • Bug Club is a fantastic way for your child to engage in reading as it also goes through their understanding with the comprehension questions. Please click here to be able to access Bug Club. Your child should know their password and it is also in the front/back of their reading diaries. 
  • To access a range of online books which are read to them please click here, here, here or here.
  • Mathletics has a range of tasks which are set relevant to your child's year group. For those year groups that use Mathletics please click here to access it. Your child should know their password, and it is also in the front/back of their reading diaries.
  • For the older children who have access to Spelling Shed please click here.
  • If you scroll down on your child's year group page there is the previous home learning from the last academic year, so your child will not have accessed it yet, and it is specific to their year group now. You will see writing, maths, reading and topic are all covered below. 
  • Click here for 30 freaky facts about the weather you could discuss with your child, today.
  • And, of course, don't forget on the recent report cards sent to you for parents' evening there is a list of websites relevant to your child's year group to support them with their learning that you can access.

Safeguarding Whilst Not In School

 If you have a safeguarding concern whilst we are not in school today please contact Swindon MASH using one of the following ways: 

  • E-mail:
  • Telephone: 01793 466903 (during normal office hours which are 8.30am to 4.40pm Monday to Thursday, and 8.30am to 4.00pm Friday)
  • The Emergency Duty Service (EDS) is available outside office hours on 01793 436699

Five Minutes Peace and Quiet Links for Parents: 

Click here for mindful colouring in sheets. 

Click here for colouring sheets based on the sea. 

Click here for colouring in sheets based on superheroes. 

Click here for a link to games on CBeebies. 

Click here for videos for your child to watch and/or sing a long to from CBeebies. 

Click here for a link to games on CBBC. 

Click here for videos for your child to watch from CBBC. 

Click here to listen to author Cressida Cowell read her story 'How to Train Your Dragon'. 

Click here for games to play on BBC Bitesize.

Support for Mental Well-Being During a School Closure

Click here for top tips for remote learning to help your child stay safe online. 

Click here for tips on how to maintain good mental wellbeing during a school closure.

Click here for examples to use with your children when they are saying they are no good or they give up.

Click here for a mindfulness colouring sheet.

Click here for the Young Minds website which has a parent helpline where experts share their tips for supporting a child in their transition back to school.

Click here for the Mental Health website which has support for helping your child return to school.

Click here for the Winston's Wish website which guides you through how to support your child returning to school.

Here are some website links to help you support your child with their learning no matter what their age:

  • Jargon Buster - This page which has an a to z of all the technical terms which are used in English. Each word has an explanation and an example. Click here to view this website.
  • Do you have a reluctant reader at home? If so this is the website for you. It is full of ideas of how to get your child reading. Click here to view this website. 
  • This website page has ideas to help you support and build a love of maths that you can do at home. There are different ideas for different age groups. Click here to view this website.