Little Ferns have had a ‘SUPER’ time this term!

We have been very active with our Superhero’s and have loved listening to the Supertato stories.

The Evil Pea let all the veggies loose and they were found playing in our garden!

Little Ferns have also had an amazing time playing and learning all about number. Our play partners have really helped them to learn through play and fun!

We have also celebrated St David’s day by drawing beautiful daffodil pictures using pastels. Sarah bought the daffodils in from her garden!



Our topic is 'What's The Story?' We have been learning all about traditional stories, fantasy stories and characters. We have been using our imagination to make up our own stories about pirates. 

Making porridge and writing instructions on how to make porridge for Goldilocks so that she can make her own, bridge making, acting out stories and exploring materials. 

Maths exploration - doubles, length, height and number bonds to 10.

Investigation - Making pirate boats and testing if they float or sink, exploring spring and so much more! So much to investigate! 

Chicks Visit

Observational Drawings of spring flowers.