Admissions 2023-2024

Local Authority Co-ordinated Dates for School Admissions 2024 - 2025

Relevant Year Group Reception (Yr. 0)
For children born between 1 September 2019
31 August 2020
Applications can be made from 1 September 2023
Maximum number of preferences 3
Deadline for on time applications Friday 15 January 2024
Deadline for proof and changes of address to be received 10 March 2024
Offers made to Swindon residents 16 April 2024
Deadline for parents to accept place 28 April 2024

Ferndale Primary & Nursery School is part of the Blue Kite Academy Trust. The Academy is the Admitting Authority for the school and is therefore responsible for determining its own admission policy and arrangements in line with the Admissions Code of Practice and Swindon Local Authority’s Admissions Schemes. Swindon Local Authority administers all admissions for the school.

Please click here for the admissions policy.