Leadership Team

"This is a school with a collaborative and inclusive culture. Children are nurtured and supported very effectively, so they thrive and succeed. Staff work hard to help pupils grow in confidence and independence"

Ofsted January 2019

Headteacher - Miss Liz Horrobin

Deputy Headteacher - Mrs Sarah Prevost

 Assistant Headteacher - Mrs Caroline Rouse


Early Years Assistant Head Teacher - Mrs Beccy Nolan 

SENDCo - Miss Tracey Challoner

School Business Officer - Mrs Rhea Reynolds 


Nursery Manager - Mrs Beccy Nolan

Room Leader - Mrs Michelle Watkins

Early Years Practitioners - Mrs Sarah Cunningham and Mrs Nicky Farthing


Foundation Stage

Teachers - Miss Shannon O'Sullivan and Miss Andrea Lanham


Student Teacher - Mrs Beccy Butterworth 

Teaching Assistants - Miss Ana Azevedo and Miss Sam Stacey


Year 1

Teachers - Mrs Helen Curtis and Miss Carmen Salamanca


Teaching Assistants - Mrs Ann Payne

Year 2

Teachers -  Miss Sonal Modasia and Mrs Caroline Rouse 

Student Teacher - Mr Adam Lambert


Teaching Assistants - Mrs Claire Hall and Mrs Lesley Witherington 


Year 3

Teachers - Miss Hannah Moxham and Mrs Rachel Cole


Teaching Assistants - Mrs Jo Barrett, Miss Catherine Connell and Mrs Jess Rowland   

Year 4

Teachers - Miss Jessica Jones and Miss Macy Dawson

Student Teacher - Lauren Harland


Teaching Assistants - Miss Megan Curnock and Mrs Jill Burfoot


Year 5

Teachers - Mrs Katie Storey, Mr Robert Truman, Miss Katy Banks, Mrs Gemma Humphrey


Teaching Assistants - Mrs Angela Uzzell, Mrs Sarah Barton and Mrs Wiltshire


Year 6

Teachers - Mrs Fay Billingham, Mrs Maria Hulin, Mrs Liz Mann and Mrs Suzanne Stevens


Teaching Assistants - Mrs Sara Frost and Mrs Helen Mansfield


PPA Cover  -  Mrs Caroline Nadin and Mrs Georgina Fenna


Interventions teacher - Mrs Claire Barder and Mrs Suzanne Stevens


SEN Teaching Assistant- Mrs Claire Hobbs  


Inclusion Worker - Lilli Viney

Office Staff  - Mrs Rhea Reynolds, Mrs Nicky Crocker and Mrs Jo Bellman


Premises - Mr Robert Birtles

Lighthouse team  - Mrs Torz David and Mrs Becky Bradley


Extended Services Staff - Miss Lilli Viney, Miss Megan Curnock, Miss Ana Azevedo, Mrs Rhea Reynolds, Mrs Lucy Jubb, Miss Lisha Hunt & Mrs Kerrie Phillips


Catering - Mrs Mandy Blewett (Catering Manager), Mrs Lucy Jubb and Mrs Catherine Sherwin


Mid-Day Supervising Assistants - Ms Lorraine Dodson, Miss Lisha Hunt, Miss Juliette Ali-Jones, Mrs Lochrie and Miss Tracy Doole


Cleaning Staff - Mrs Heidy Rue-Webb (Supervisor), Ms Lorraine Dodson, Mrs Sharon Cheesley, Mrs Belinda Cabral and Miss Juliette Ali-Jones



Updated February 2022