Welcome to the Ferndale School Council page. The School Council is made up of one child from each class who meets regularly our curriculum lead and year 5 teacher Mrs Billingham.

Our School Councillors are:

  • Year 6 - Annabel and Rayna 
  • Year 5 - Youssef and Izzabella
  • Year 4 - Aasha and Alishba
  • Year 3 -  Bobby and Bella
  • Year 2 -  Harrison and Winter
  • Year 1 - Everley and Logan




Our Officers are:

Chairperson - Rayna

  • Runs meetings and leads discussions
  • Helps to prepare the agenda
  • Talks to teachers and governors about what the school council thinks and its ideas for new activities
  • Makes sure all council members are actively involved

The Secretaries - Annabel and Izzabella

  • Take notes (minutes) at meetings
  • Helps to prepare the agenda
  • Makes sure everyone knows when the meetings are

The Vice Chairperson - Youssef

  • Keeps in touch with the class representatives
  • Makes sure that everyone who agrees to do something, does it
  • Leads meetings if the chairperson is away