Every year, children from year 6 can apply to become prefects. They do this by writing a letter, detailing the qualities that they have that would make them a good prefect, representing the school. We expect our prefects to be excellent role models to those younger in the school as well as their fellow peers, and this year is no exception with the fantastic group of children who are in the role. 

Prefects have a range of designated jobs: play leaders on Key Stage 1 and 2 playgrounds, door monitors and to deliver the registers.

Expectations of Prefects

  • Be positive and enthusiastic, encouraging and motivated.
  • Motivating all children
  • Be co-operative, helpful, well-mannered, trustworthy and responsible.
  • Be respectful towards teachers, peers and the school environment 

Prefects are to set an example at all times.  They are role models to the rest of the school. Therefore, they must uphold the highest standards at all times, including:

  • uniform
  • following the school rules
  • effort
  • attendance
  • punctuality
  • attitude
  • respect
  • manners
  • motivation to work