Vision Statement

"Fundamental to the ethos of the school is meeting the needs of pupils and helping them to develop and to achieve"

Ofsted January 2019 


Together, we believe that....

Ferndale Primary and Nursery School is a vibrant, friendly place where the children are at the heart of everything we do. We believe in teaching skills, sharing knowledge and building special memories that children will take with them through the rest of their lives. We believe that through inspirational teaching, determination, a lot of love and a lot of laughter, the children in our school can achieve their greatest potential, regardless of their starting points in life.

We believe in teaching, modelling values and preparing them for life in the 21st Century and we believe that in doing so, we will give them a solid foundation for their future, allowing them to reach for the stars and beyond.

"This is a school with a collaborative and inclusive culture" 

Ofsted January 2019


Our staff believe….

In a school where we celebrate diversity, creativity and curiosity, where the staff are happy and relaxed and enjoy learning just as much as the children do, where inspirational environments and activities enthuse and enrich the learning experiences creating confident, resilient and independent learners for life.

"Throughout the school, there is warmth, care and a genuine commitment to providing the best" 

Ofsted January 2019

"At all levels, colleagues feel valued and supported. They feel that their views are listened to and respected."

Ofsted January 2019



Our children believe….

In a school that makes them feel safe and happy, supported by adults who are friendly and kind and do lots of crazy things. They want to learn inside and outside in a colourful and fun environment and use exciting new technologies to explore the world around them.

"Children are nurtured and supported very effectively, so they thrive and succeed."

Ofsted January 2019

"Pupils who spoke to the inspectors talked excitedly about how they relished tackling harder questions and showing what they could do" 

Ofsted January 2019 


Our community believe….

In a school that is the heart of the local community and offers stimulating extra-curricular activities that support our children in becoming independent. We want a healthy school, where the behaviour is excellent and the children have a desire to learn.

"Staff work hard to forge productive relationships with parents and carers, recognising that these are essential in supporting pupils to succeed" 

Ofsted January 2019